Inspire to Innovate 
Levant International Schools 
Area District, Al Jubeiha, Amman,Jordan.    
Tuesday 7th July 2020  
Dear Parents,  
You have heard the Government announcement that schools and academies will be open for all students and pupils soon.  We approached this with great caution, reviewing all the scientific and public health advice to ensure that we could be as safe as possible. This has gone extremely well: our safety measures and risk 
Assessments are excellent. Safety measures and risk assessments are important students and pupils have to adhere to them. Thank you to all those parents and carers who will send their children back into our schools as requested – it has been lovely to see them. 
We are delighted that we can now look forward to seeing all our wonderful students and pupils back in our schools soon! We will be very busy in the next couple of weeks planning, completing revised detailed risk assessments, and working out exactly what each school will look like and feel like when your child returns. 
We’re working hard to consider how we group our students and pupils together, to ensure that we reduce contact between different groups of students and pupils and keep the stringent cleaning and disinfecting processes we already have in place to ensure that our schools are as safe as can be for your child. 
Levant Int. School still has had no statement from the Ministry of Education regarding our return. The School continues to plan in depth for three key scenarios: a full return, a partial or blended return, and/or continuation of Distance Learning. In all our planning, please rest assured and remembers it is our intention to:  
• Provide the safest approach to learning for all whether online or at School  
• Support every child and family to the best of our capability 
• Leave no child behind academically 
We continue to follow all the appropriate guidelines from Ministry of Health Jordan and the guidance issued by the Ministry of Education with regard to how educational settings should handle the current situation. The guidance is updated on a regular basis and we will continue to communicate this to parents on our school website and social media sites (Facebook). This is so that parents always have easy access to the most up to date information available. 
The Senior Leadership Team thank you for your continuous support and bid you a wonderful and safe summer holiday. 
Yours sincerely, 
Levant International School 
Senior Leadership Administration