Admission and Registration

Admission and Registration 2016 - 2017

Admission Policy in the kindergarten:

  •  KG1: Children born in 2012
  •  KG2: Children born in 2011

Admission Policy for grade one:

  •  Children born in 2010

Admission and Registration Policy for grades two – twelve:

  1.  Admission is based on a satisfactory report from the prospective student's previous school from grade two upwards.
  2. Prospective students will interviewedby a specialized committee.
  3. Students are obligated to wear the school uniform at all times in the school campus.
  4. Students must abide by the rules and regulations of the schools at all times. In case a problem occurred,   the student is faced with a discipline penalty in accordance with the school policy which is issued by the Ministry of Education.

Required documents for admission:

  •  Last report card for prospectivestudents/ 2nd-12th grades.
  • Prospectivestudent’s academic record of the previous scholastic years.
  •  8th and 9th grade report cards for prospectivestudents admitted to 10th grade.
  •  Prospectivestudent’s file (admitted from 2nd- 12th grades) from previous school authenticated from MOE.
  •  2 personal photos.
  •  An authenticated copy of birth certificate with national ID number.
  • An authenticated copy of family ID Book.
  •  A copy of vaccinations record.
  •  Secondary School Card.
  • For non-Jordanian residents; an authenticated valid copy of residency from the Ministry of Interior Affairs is required.
  • An authenticated valid copy of the passport from the embassy of the prospective student and from the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

In addition to the previous documents:

  • A copy of the passport for Palestinian prospective students(from Ghaza District) who have a temporary Jordanian passport
  • A letter from the official authorities for prospective students from the West Bank and a copy of the passport.
  •  A valid work permit for the parent/guardian from (Egypt, Syria or Yemen) along with the Social Security Card.
  • A valid residency permission for other Arab Nationalities and Foreign prospective students except for (the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Syria, Egypt and Yemen)
  • A letter from the Cultural Attaché of the Kuwaiti Embassy for students who come from schools in Kuwait.