School Library

Pay great attention to the school library to their faith as the heart that beats science and knowledge; library, boasts a range of reference books, dictionaries, strings and rich and diverse stories, periodicals and Arabic. There is also a stakes office dedicated to the ranks. The door of the loan is open to all students at all times. ">Featuring our library as an indexed automatically as any student to use a computer device to search for the book and the author, who wants to can.

It is worth mentioning that the schools through the library maintains book fairs a year in which, as a petition to allow students with new books and giving them the opportunity to buy and read. The library is evolving on an ongoing basis by providing them with books appropriate for students.

 Etiquette in the library:

  1.  Put bags and books in the space.
  3. Not enter the food and drink to the library.
  5.  Re-borrowed books to the librarian after use.
  7.  Maintaining false books and return them in a timely manner.
  9.  Students pay a fine for delay in the case of loss of book nickname price is paid.