School Buses

Rules and procedures for the use of school transportation


an introduction

Keen Levant schools to provide students with all the rules of upscale behavior in different situations, so to come to school and back home in the school bus includes a part of the educational process, Dealing positive among students and with the bus driver and escort is to apply the correct understanding of the education and training of the good that we are keen to follow up among our students, so we've developed some procedures and laws in order to strengthen this trend.

This document defines the obligations of parties to parents and students on the one hand and schools on the other.

You must complete restriction deadlines for the rise of the students on the bus in the morning, and ensure the readiness of the student at the waiting point five minutes from the deadline for the arrival of the bus before, and the driver will wait in the waiting point just one minute, and leave the bus then, and the parents of their son / daughter allowed to school in the absence catapulted it to the bus in the morning round.

When he faces the Crown any problem with using school buses it go directly to the school management, and not to deal with the driver or escort or any student under any circumstances.

It prevents me from boarding a bus or issue orders to the bus driver or escort or talk to any student is his son / daughter.

Change the bus route:

The Guardian Media Management and advance in writing of any permanent change in the path of a bus their son / daughter, in sufficient time to enable the school to make sure there is a vacancy in the bus that will take a new path, and the guardian arranged with the movement section.

When the desire of the parents of their son / daughter allowed for one day only for the school and do not use the bus in the morning on that day, that they inform the school administration before that day.

And the desire of parents when their son / daughter allowed for only one day of school, and do not use the bus on the return trip that day to the parents notifying the Administration before 11am so.

If the parents wish to pick up their son / daughter in the Department of kindergarten or primary partition by someone else and do not use the bus on that day, on the return trip, the parents mention the name of the person and the kinship and this person show his identity card management before accompany the student.

The late arrival of the bus:

The school bus schedules fixed very accurate dates, linked to the dates of school, so everyone has to abide by these appointments accurately.

However, under compelling circumstances that can happen to change these dates in cases of emergency weather conditions or sudden accident or a malfunction in the bus, or any unusual circumstances in the way.

In such cases, the Department of Student Affairs will communicate with parents to inform them of the delay and why.

In the case of the bus did not arrive on time, and no parental contact from the school about it, the student waiting for ten minutes, before contacting the management of the school.

Rules of conduct and discipline

The beneficiaries of students from school transportation service regs and laws of the following:

Prevents accompany any student is not registered to the bus even if a school students.

Waiting in the points, ahead of time by five minutes.

Stand securely on the sidewalk when waiting for the bus.

Go directly after the recent end of the quota to the starting point of the bus in the schools, as the buses off after ten minutes of the last quota percussion bell.

Not to bring dangerous materials or heavy materials or occupying space including students and school projects, or precious materials to the bus, where the escort will prevent the entry into or confiscated and handed over to the management.

Stay on the bus in case of emergency unless the driver to provide further guidance.

It is strictly forbidden descent of the student at home, another student, without the written permission of the guardian.

Fully comply with the instructions inside the bus during starting, namely:

Prevents sit in the seat without wearing seat belts.

Prevents talk with the driver while driving.

It prevents the output of the head and hands of the windows, or the work of any signals or inappropriate movements.

Prevents talk with any of the passers-by on the street or adjacent to the bus drivers.

It prevents yelling or laughing or talking loudly leads to distract the driver.

Eating or drinking prevents the normal daily tours, with the exception of emergency health cases if necessary.

It prevents tampering furnishings bus.

Move the exact location prevents the student to sit during the course of the bus.

Prevents throw anything from the windows.

Do not put your bags, books, or coats in the bus lane.

Prevent doing any behavior contradicts morality.

It prevents utter profanity or harmless.

Prevents the violation of instructions accompany the tour.

Disciplinary procedures:

In case of any violation or unacceptable behavior inside the school bus, the report will be presented by the director to accompany the tour schools, describing the situation in detail, and the school board will investigate the situation and will inform the guardian outcome of this investigation and punishment of such an offense.

The penalty imposed depends on the seriousness of the behavior, and the number of times repeated. It classified rejected behaviors into four levels, namely:

level one

Unacceptable behavior:

Speak loudly.

Assault on the property of other students on the bus.

Not to sit in the space.

Littering on the bus or from the net.


Oral alert by the accompaniment.

Provide escort round report on the behavior of management.

Second Level

Unacceptable behavior:

Repeat offenses from the first level three times.

Harass other students and bullying them.

Use words inappropriately.


Provide escort round report on the behavior of management.

Alert Canapé by management.

Contact with the guardian.

The third level

Repetition of violations of the first and second level.

Distracting the driver's attention.

Rejection of the driver or bus supervisor's instructions.

The rise of a guardian to the bus.


Provide escort round report on the behavior of management.

The school management issued a decision to deny a student from using the bus from 1-3 days.

fourth level

Repeat offenses from the third level twice.

Quarrel including scramble and wrestle.

Bring banned and dangerous substances.

Any behavior that would endanger the bus and students at risk.


Provide escort round report on the behavior of management.

Students deprived of the use of the bus for a period of 4-10 days.

In the case of repeated behavior is the ultimate denial of the use of school buses.