School Clinic

School clinic offers multiple nursing services include:

Healthcare Quarterly, and include:

Regular check-ups for students.

Application vaccinations programs for the prevention of diseases, according to the Ministry of Health's instructions.

Follow pathological cases and contact with parents to attend if summoned situation.

Provide a healthy environment in the school community.

First aid, including:

Provide public safety and first aid kits.

Perform the necessary first aid and transfer emergency cases to hospitals when necessary.

Health education and awareness, and includes:

Action lectures and education with regard to public health and the importance of eating healthy foods.

Daily work of monitoring the school and its surroundings to the environment by visiting public facilities for the school such as the cafeteria, restrooms, classrooms, and squares.

Health and safety of the teeth:

Action periodic examination of the teeth.

Spread awareness and promote healthy behavior among primary-grade students of the reasons for tooth decay and gum infections and ways to prevent them.

Correct eating habits related to the safety and health of the mouth and teeth.

Insurance for accidents and injuries inside the school and through scientific visits:

The doctor or nurse will deal with cases of ambulance Statistics, while the student is transferred to the hospital if necessary within its own coverage program students of schools and kindergarten in private insurance incidents within the school and through scientific visits, and is the guardian notice that immediately after the incident.