Guidance and Counseling

Department of educational guidance seeks to develop self-direction skills of the student to get him to the degree of awareness to explore itself and its potential and abilities and the environment around it, also means this section the development of positive behaviors of the student and modify negative behavior has, and providing students with problem-solving and decision-making skills, and focus on the goal core of the educational process.

This section also provides in cooperation with the school administration and teaching staff quotas life skills for students each week designed to communicate directly with them and guiding their interests and talents, and meet the needs of students according to their journeys, developmental and educational needs of the school environment.

It also depends section range of initiatives and volunteer work that serves the students through which their community, and actively involved with the diverse segments. The Guidance Department seeks to guide students academically and professionally in the top in their learning commensurate with their interests and preferences and abilities. And have the opportunity to communicate daily to students in the school with the Guidance Department in accordance with specific hours before mentor / guide in his / her office private, to get to an educational solution viable, where the guidance section of the registration of private and public cases to evaluate and deal with them in a family setting educational guideline is set, as the department guidance to communicate with parents for cases that require follow-up in order to access the most appropriate solutions for the student.